Gas Prices Rise...And So Do Scooter Sales.

MAY 3, 2006 -- POSTED AT 8:30 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Gas prices are constantly on the rise and many motorist say they are not only tired of spending all their money on gas, but they're pocketbook is their main reason for choosing cheaper alternatives, like the scooter.

“Usually as we approach the 3 dollar gallon mark, we see an increase in all parts of our business, the scooters mainly because of their gas mileage, which usually reaches between 65 and 85 miles per gallon,” says Jason Madaros, the Sales Manager at J.T. Motorsports inJonesboro .

The demand for these scooters has been so high lately. J.T. Motorsports says they only have one left and they say they can't even keep them in stock.

"We usually try to keep 3 to 5 in the showroom, and right now we're down to one. We're waiting on new arrivals everyday, but basically we see probably a 30 percent increase of calls for scooters over the rest of our inventory," says Madaros.

As long as you're 14 years old, you don't even have to have a driver's license to operate the scooter.

"Top speed is 40 miles per hour, so you can't actually ride it on the highway where you would impede traffic. You basically can stay in the city," says Madaros.

But scooter shops say that's all some people need. When you're just trying to get around town, scooters can really save you money.

"They're very comfortable, they're very stylish, and they're very easy on the pocket book," says Madaros.

They say it's simple. Rising gas prices are the direct result in the rise in demand for scooters.