Offbeat: Three Legged Rooster

May 5, 2006--12:30 p.m.  CDT

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY--- Harold Hoots is pretty proud of his pets, in fact, you might say he's a bit cocky, but for good reason.  You see Harold has a 3 legged rooster and another rooster with two legs that prances like a Tennessee walking horse.

Harold was at a livestock show and says a man had a blanket over a cage offering peeks at his 3 legged rooster for $.50.  Harold didn't believe him and told him, if he had a 3 legged rooster, go get it and he'd buy it from him.  The man went and got it, so Harold bought it.

You might wonder what a 3 legged rooster goes for these days, well Harold picked him up for an even $5.  Harold named his rooster Benny, after the man he bought it from.

You'd think Benny would be the "cock of the walk" so speak around the yard, but Harold has another rooster he calls Hoppy, because he prances around the yard like a Tennessee walking horse.

Harold says the rest of his flock of 50 roosters and chickens is pretty normal, but he'll probably spend the rest of his life looking for a 3 legged hen to put with Benny.