Extra Funds for Medicare Recipients

May 5, 2006 -- 2:40 PM


JONESBORO, AR -- The federal government has awarded more money to those Medicare recipients who need it most.


"Medicare has awarded for rural Arkansas, some extra $16,000, for those people who live in rural Arkansas... to help them out with their medicine," said Ken Gibson of Gibson’s Pharmacy.


The extra $16,000 is part of the insurance assistance program, which will benefit patients and outlying pharmacies in the area.


"For those people who live outside of J onesboro, this is some extra money that they can get in contact with," said Gibson.


According to the Associated Press, the funding will also provide assistance in enrolling people in the Medicare Part D Drug Program. The deadline to sign up for the drug program is just around the corner, and the extra money will be available to Arkansans who live in rural areas through May 15.


"Once the deadline passes on May 15, to sign up for the Medicare Part D Program, then the money will no longer be available," said Gibson.


He also said that those who are eligible for the extra money should take advantage of the opportunity.


"Anytime money is handed out, people need to take advantage of it," said Gibson.  "That's what we're needing to do today...is to make sure that these people in rural Arkansas take advantage of the extra money that is available."


The extra money is available now, but it won't be for long.