Traffic: An On-Going Problem in Jonesboro

MAY 5, 2006 -- POSTED AT 3:30 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Jonesboro is a city full of growth, and traffic. City planners hired consultants 3 years ago to study the traffic issue and the results have finally arrived.

“The major problem seemed to be various intersections throughout the city, like the off ramps on Highway 63 and different intersections. It's a matter of timing with the existing signals and adding additional signals also,” says Claude Martin, Jonesboro ’s City Engineer.

The study pointed out certain areas that seem to be more concentrated. One surprise was the 63 Bypass carries less traffic at times, than Highland Drive between Southwest Drive and Stadium.

New things are coming to Jonesboro everyday, especially with the recent addition of the new mall, but with all that growth come more traffic.

"With the amount of growth, several subdivisions being developed within the city, there is a future need to look at these various corridors and looking for means of getting the people where they need to go in the most effective and efficient way," says Otis Spriggs, the Director of Planning and Zoning for Jonesboro.

Getting where you need to go quick is something that seems easy, but at times, traffic can put a damper on things. City officials are working to make that better, but they say they need your help.

"We want the public's input most definitely. They're the ones that do the traveling and go day to day, so we definitely want their input," says Claude Martin, the City Engineer.