Farmers' Crops are Dry No More

May 6, 2006 -- 3:30 PM CDT


CASH, AR -- Joe Christian farms rice and soybean crops, and he said that farmers have been in a drought for the last two years, but the recent rain in Region 8 was much needed.

"We've been getting pretty good rain...the last 10 days to two weeks...and it's helped us out, on getting our rice up," said Christian.

The rice is coming up day by day, but before the recent rain, about half of Christian's crops would sprout, and the other half would not.  

"It would cause some rice to be ready before the other rice, it would make it difficult the whole year, but now this has caused the rice to all come up pretty much even, and we're in good shape," he said. 

Christian is in good shape for now, as long as the rain holds off for a few weeks.

"I think we're starting to get a little bit too much (rain)," he said.   " Right now we're okay, but if it rains another week, it will affect us in not getting our beans in, and start to yellow our rice."  

Protecting his crops protects the bottom line, and more rain in Region 8 would not be beneficial.

"When the rice is young, you don't need a bunch of rain...not yet...don't have the root system, and it will start affecting that, as far as making it yellow and stunting it, and making it real spindly...not growing."

The rain hasn't come as of yet, but there’s a great chance that mother nature is only taking a breather.

"Next week's pivotal," said Christian.  "If it rains another week like this, we'll start to be concerned, but if it dries out, we get in the fields and go again."