Mosquitoes...The Neighborhood Nuisance

May 7, 2006 -- 6:30 PM CDT


JONESBORO, AR -- Warmer days have hit Region 8, and mosquitoes are looking forward to taking over the city.  


That's why Jonesboro's 'Skeeter Beaters' have already started spraying.


"Right now we'll run two to three nights a week, and towards the end of May… first of June, we'll start sending trucks out, five…six nights a week," said Derek Hogue of Vector Disease Control.   


Twenty-two mosquito traps are set up around J onesboro  Hogue and Vector Disease Control collect those traps and check them twice a week to determine which areas will be sprayed.


"We take our highest traps from that," he said.  "We check for males…we check for females, and then we'll hit that area real hard…whoever has the highest trap camp."   


A chemical mixed with mineral oil is used to kill the mosquitoes, but Hogue said that there are several things that people can do to keep the unwanted guests from around their home.


"Keep your yard picked up, keep it clean.    Keep your bushes trimmed, keep them away from the house.  If you have stuff that's piled up in the corner…mosquitoes love to harbor in that area.    Keep your garage door shut."


He also said to throw away old tires that may be collecting water because the Asian Tiger Mosquito that breeds the W est Nile Virus will take refuge inside the tires.