Mayor Candidate Dies...His Campaign Goes On

May 8, 2006 -- 5:15 PM CDT


POCAHONTAS, AR -- Three names are on the Pocahontas mayoral ballot, but one of those candidates, Dick Roberts, passed away Saturday night.

Friends and family of Roberts said that despite his death, he is still in the race.

"He was a wonderful man and husband, and I had him for just a short time," said Pam Roberts.  


Harmon Seawel was a dear friend of Mr. Roberts.  He said that his death came by surprise.


"Shocked… it was so sudden…no one expected it."     


Total shock…family and friends now reflect on the good times.


"I have a great support system.  "My family and friends and our children are here.    I know Dick's still with me," said Mrs. Roberts.   


Mr. Roberts will be missed dearly, but his name is still on the election ballot.


"He wanted this.   This was his heart's desire, and I pray that everyone will go vote for Dick Roberts," said Mrs. Roberts.     


Seawel described Mr. Roberts as a "Jack of all trades."


"He was a very forward thinking progressive the same time he was a man's man in a very positive way, and a good ol' boy that we're all going to miss," he said.      


"Vote Dick Roberts" signs were still posted throughout the city.   H is wife plans to keep his dream of becoming mayor alive.


"He didn't want to be the big man in charge," said Mrs. Roberts.   " He wanted to be the small man, and he wanted the people...he wanted to work for the people.    He wanted the people to govern."     

If Mr. Roberts receive enough votes, a run-off election wouldtake place.  If he wins the run-off election, the party would then declare a vacancy of nomination, in which they would nominate someone to fill the mayoral position.


Dick Roberts is still a candidate for mayor, and his spirit lives on.