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Region 8 Responds


Use the form below to give us your opinion on the poll question today. 

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Marie B. of Jonesboro writes:
I do drink from time to time. However not enough that I have ever felt strongly about this issue. Until now, the fact is that not allowing people to vote on the issue is like the county leaders saying "sorry, we don't believe you'd vote right, so you can't vote." Even if someone does not believe the county should be wet how can anyone justify not allowing others to have an oppinion. After all, those opposed would also get a chance to vote.
Joe F. of Jonesboro writes:
The religious fundamentalists in Jonesboro are fighting a losing battle. Democracy is what makes this country we live in so great. It is only a matter of time before the silent majority in this town has enough of being told how they are supposed to live their life by their fellow citizens. If people in this community want religious fundamentalist to tell them how to live their life than they should move to Iran. It is time we had a chance to vote.
Steven H. of Belleville, IL writes:
I recently moved here from Illinois and although I do not drink a lot, I think that "dry" counties seem outdated and frankly, backward in this day and age. In fact, I'm almost embarassed to tell my friends living out-of-state that I live in a dry county. I'm supporting a wet county for two reasons: It is legal for people over the age of 21 to drink in the United States and thus, it is my right to do so. I don't appreciate religious fundamentalists controlling what I do. Two, Jonesboro is losing millions of dollars to nearby counties--tax dollars that could be used to improve our community in terms of education, etc. I want a chance to vote on the issue and have a voice in my community.
Robert N. of Cherokee Village writes:
I believe people over the age of 21, should be able to buy a drink if they want to.
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