Did You Know-- High School Senior Introduces Clothing Line

May 9, 2006-- Posted at 5:00 pm
PARAGOULD-- T-shirts are all the rage among teenagers these days.

But did you know, there is one teen who loved the idea so much that he decided to make his own?

Britt Arnett, a senior at Paragould High School, started his own business with these popular t's and before he knew it, it had expanded beyond his belief.

Anything that can be worn can be labeled with his brand...B-Unit.

Britt Arnett is known as a unique guy, and when it comes to clothing...
"There's really no limits to what I wear," Britt Arnett creator of B-Unit clothing says.
He has an eye for fashion and the personality of a salesman.
"Britt does a lot of things you just normally don't see high school kids wearing... Like white sports coats and a pink carnation to an award ceremony," a school employee says.
Britt's not afraid to wear what he wants or admit he does his own shopping.
"I really, I actually love shopping and stuff like that. I always liked clothes," Arnett says.
A normal trip to the mall for a high school senior is usually a chance to score some new threads, but for Britt, it's a chance to make his own.
"B-Unit's just a name I picked up in basketball and everybody started called me that. I was just going through the mall one day seen all this stuff... G-unit shirts... And saw the price tags and though I could beat that. I went ahead and did it. I thought it was an idea crazy enough it would work," Arnett says.
Britt designed his own label... His line carries his nick name and his style.
"It's kind of an athletic feel... It kind of looks like sports apparel. It's really neat because you can get the heavy sweatshirts or the light ones and they have the hoodies. It's just all real in style, real fashionable stuff that the kids like," a school employee says.
"Everyone likes it. Whenever you see one person wearing it, another person is going to so it's just like a trickle down thing," Arnett says.
Britt is on his way out of high school with graduation just weeks away... One thing he won't have to worry about... Finding a job.
"It's stressful at times but it's also kind of fun to say that I have my own clothing line," Arnett says.