Heavy Rains Good News For Some in Region

May 10, 2006--Posted at 6:00 pm CDT

Greene CO.--Heavy rains have hindered local farmers’ efforts to get out into their fields lately but not all farmers are minding.  Local fishermen, for one, are seeing an increase in fish as they move up swollen rivers and ditches from theMississippi River.

‘When we have a really dry summer the fishing ain’t too good.’ Joe Thompson told KAIT.  ‘This rain has really helped because they come up from below.’

Another fisherman of sorts says these heavy rains have helped to recharge his lakes with fresh water.  ‘You get it when you can get it and that is kind of when you can take it.’ Ron Pigue said.  Pigue owns Delta Crawfish and says he would have rather seen heavy rains this winter when he was forced to use generators and pumpers to keep his water fresh and his crawfish healthy.

'As it stands right now all this, everything we can pull out right now, is already sold.' He added.

This weekend several days of dry weather are expected.  That should be enough to get most farmers back into their fields.