Westside Student Arrested

MAY 11, 2006 -- POSTED AT 11:15 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- "Monday afternoon one of our high school students was found with a knife, with a blade that was a little bit in excess of 4 inches long, on the bus," says Westside Superintendent James Best.

With that knife, the Westside High School student threatened another child's life. Luckily the elementary school student was o.k., but what was said on the bus was startling.

The police report from the Craighead County Sheriff's Department says the older child put the knife to the elementary student's chest and said that quote "he could stab him in the chest and kill him slow, or he could stab him in the throat and kill him quick."

We asked Westside Superintendent what kind of student this juvenile was. Superintendent Best seemed surprised that this child would make such a threat, much less cause any trouble.

"This is not a student who has a long history of disciplinary issues," says Best.

The juvenile is being detained at the Craighead County Juvenile Detention Center and faces three charges, but what is the school planning to do?

"We're still investigating this, but our high school principal has been very assertive with this and the child that had the knife is going to be dealt with in an appropriate manner," says Best.

In conclusion, Best commented that he felt that this situation is a reflection of our society today and how it affects school-aged children.

"A lot of times schools are a microcosm of society and a lot of the same problems that are out in society, are going to be in schools," says Best.

Superintendent Best did say that Westside Administration is doing everything possible to address the situation and make sure nothing in the future will happen to put their students at risk.