The Price of a Mom

May 12, 2006 – Posted at 4:39 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- The job description includes housekeeper, cook, chauffer, teacher, computer operator and psychologist...all things it takes to be a mom. estimates that if paid, stay at home moms would earn more than $134,000 annually. Now, how much do you think your mom is worth?

"She always helps us when we are stuck on something. And if she needs help, we try and help her," said 10-year-old Warren Younge.

Addison Younge, 6, said, "I like that she helps me with school."

Being a stay at home mom is probably one of the most thankless jobs in the world, but the Younge family knows how good they've got it.

"She does a whole lot of things," said Anna Younge, 9, "She helps us get ready and she helps us with our morning chores sometimes to get them done."

Jennifer Younge also home schools her four children...ages 6 to 13. She graduated from ASU with a degree in nursing but never went into the field, instead choosing to stay home with her children.

"I didn't have them to not spend time with them. I want to be a huge part of their life and I also wanted to be able to give them that spiritual teaching and really build that within them," said Jennifer Younge.

And it's a lesson her children are thankful for.

"I wouldn't know her. It's the person who gave me life. I want to know about that person. I want to know why I am here and who got me here," said 13-year-old Wilson Younge.

Some days are tougher than others, but it's a balance the family knows well.

"There are some days where it's a little overwhelming and I'm wondering 'what in the world am I doing?' But you know, it really only takes about 30 seconds for me to go 'I know exactly what I'm doing.' and I couldn't imagine it any other way," laughed Jennifer Younge.

"One of her main jobs is just trying to keep her happy and just all that stuff, mostly she is already happy. But we are just there to keep her that way. Because we defiantly don't want her the other way," smiled Wilson Younge.

The average stay at home mom gets 6.7 hours of sleep a night and if you had to break it down, would work nearly 52 hours of overtime a week.