Restaurant in Paragould Robbed---Suspect on the Loose

May 13, 2006 -- 3:00 PM CDT


PARAGOULD, AR -- Floyd Stonecipher, Manager of Couch's Bar-B-Que in Paragould, was the victim of a robbery last night, and the suspect is still on the run.


"I was leaving to go home...and got in my truck.  When I got in my truck, this white male walked up there, and stuck a gun in my ribs, and told me to give him the I did," said Stonecipher.


Once Stonecipher gave up the money, the suspect took off on foot.


"I think he had an accomplice to pick him up according to the police," said Stonecipher.   


People are unsure of how to react in a robbery situation, and Stonecipher said that several things went through his mind.


"I didn't know if he was gonna shoot me or what," he said.


Stonecipher was unable to get a good look at the suspect due to the darkness.    He left the restaurant through the back door, and the lightbulbs that usually light up the backside of the building were broken.   


He believes the suspect was someone who studied his routine.


"They just knew too much about what time I left...and everything like that," he said.     


The suspect is about 5 foot 8.  He was wearing dark pants, and a dark sweatshirt with a hood attached.  Police are still investigating the incident.