Former Pine Bluff Alderman Released From Federal Prison

May 13, 2006--Posted at 9:20 pm CST

PINE BLUFF-Former Pine Bluff alderman Billy Freeman Senior has been released from a federal prison but may have to enter an Arkansas prison to serve out a sentence for a state crime.

Circuit Judge Berlin Jones granted a request by an attorney for Freeman to let the former alderman go free yesterday rather than turn him over to the Arkansas Correction Department to begin his state sentence.

Attorney Robert Morehead also petitioned the court to vacate what he called an ``illegal judgment'' against Freeman. The judge freed Freeman, pending the resolution of the petition. Freeman is expected to have a June Second hearing on his petition.

Freeman began serving the 13-month federal sentence last summer at the federal prison in Forrest City, after pleading guilty to attempted extortion in a case in which former alderman Jack Foster also was convicted. With his release, Freeman received credit for more than a month of ``good time'' and is to be on federal probation for three years.

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