General Comments from Our Viewers

Some general comments and recommendations from our viewers about KAIT's Consider This editorial:

Charles P. of Jonesboro writes:

I'd like to see KAIT address the way city council members are elected in Jonesboro. Other cities of Jonesboro's size have systems in place whereby those who run in a specific ward are elected only by those who reside in that ward instead of people from all over the community.
Minorities are at an extreme disadvantage in Jonesboro's current system.
It is time for KAIT to address the issue.

Bocephus B. of Alton writes:

Consider This is a stupid program,I guess KAIT is trying to be like the big stations,but it's really stupid.You people who live in Arkansas are just a bunch of backwards hicks that think they can tell people they modern,[expletive]

Martha H. of Jonesboro writes:

We are transpants from California.
With the threat of tornados in our area why doesn't someone talk about safe rooms or storm shelters? It would be a benifical topic for residents who need more information & where to inquire about them.

Angie D. of Jonesboro writes:

I am so glad to see your "Consider This" editorial segment.  It's a great way to educate the public about specific topics concerning our community. Errorneous information and rumors sometimes spread quickly in small towns, and you are doing a great job of setting the record straight for all of us. Thank you for doing your part to raise awareness and further progress in our community. I hope you continue these segments and continue to offer a well-informed point of view for your viewers.

Sheila H. of Jonesboro writes:

 In Oct of 2005 i bought a house and decided to add an apartment on to the back. When i started this process i was told that i could have a seperate electric meter so the people that rented the apartment would have their own bill.  Now i am told that this can not happen.My contractor was told that i could not because of the rezoning. I live less two block away from  an apartment complex and there are seperate meters on every apartment. There are duplexes all around me with seperate meters. Something about this smell funny. Could it be because i am not well known in this town or could it be because i am an african american women. For years I have defended Jonesboro when anyone would say my town is a racist town. So let me just say maybe they were right.I have live here  and paid taxes here all my life and i can not get a meter. Seem to me it is easier to get a liqueur licensen in this county which happen to be dry then to get a meter that was oked to have less than a year ago. A second meter on  my house will not hurt anybody but can you say the samething about a drunk driver.

Sheri A. of Jonesboro writes:

  I would like for you to do a "consider this" segment on the train traffic that flows thru our city.  Many of the crossings are still not safe and up to standard, and also the frequency of trains flowing back in forth in the city causes significant safety hazards.  If nothing else, at least consider re-routing train schedules around rush hours - especially when school buses are traveling to and fro with our children.           

Anna S. of Jonesboro writes:

 I am really concerned about the traffic in Jonesboro and how dangerous driving in and around our city has become. It seems that drivers completely disregard the speed limits on most roads in and around Jonesboro. The recent wreck on Southwest Drive involving a pregnant, Jonesboro school teacher, and her two sons, prompted me to write these concerns about traffic and speeding. I do admit that some of our "posted speed limits" are ancient and too slow. I agree driving 25 or 30 is unrealistic on most streets now days. However, I think our police department needs to update (make more realistic) the speed limits on local streets, make sure the speed limits are posted and visible on local streets and patrol the streets watching for drivers driving 55mph plus down streets such as Southwest Drive. There should not be a wreck of the severity, that Mrs. Moore and family were involved in, occur on a local 40mph street!
I'm sure the traffic in Jonesboro has increased due to all the growth in retail and new attractions being added here. That's a great problem, until it becomes deadly on our local streets! Everyone is in a hurry now days and most people are talking on their cell phones while driving, not paying attention. I would love to see you talk about how dangerous our local roads have become and what we should do about it on Consider This.

Jim L. of Jonesboro writes:

consider the fact that 5 people of whom do not live in the Jonesboro area are allowed to decide the number of resturants that serve liquar in our great city.  I ask the simple question WHY.  Why are we the people of Jonesboro and surounding area not allowed to decide what is best for our home.

Shanna B. of Jonesboro writes:

Someone needs to find out what has happened to the Title 1 program money that the jonesboro schools, mainly South Elementary, where the money for the program went, why they still don't offer Title 1 to the students, and when a parent asks why their child cannot participate in the program they reply we cannot find any teachers to hire.

Brian U. of Wynne writes:

You were right on target with your comments on gas prices, now lets touch on a sensitive subject. We are a republic governed by laws, but our congress wants to allow illegal aliens amnesty. Big business needs these workers to make money. I've heard about legal immigrants that worked at a meat packing plant. The workers at this plant used to make 19 an hour. They fired the legal immigrants to pay illegals 9.00 an hour. When will it stop, our construction sites are overrun with illegals.They send all the money they can back to their country, they say it would be impossible to stop all of them, but we could hit them where it hurts. Catch them sending the money back and impose heavy fines to pay for deportation, make the employers and the illegal aliens felons. They have it in their heads that we stole Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, California.
They will take it back through the ballot box! We need to wake up and let congress and the senate know that enough is enough! The legal immigrants are getting the short end of the stick. The government has just learned that social securuty is going broke faster than they thought, surely illegal immigrants aren't draining the funds. Oh lets don't forget hospitals that have to treat all        
people including illegal immigrants. So don't say we can't afford to stop them, we can't afford not to stop them....

Glenda S. of Fairdealing writes:

I do not belive anyone in goverment is for the working class,or the poor.I do not see the poor takeing care of after the storm destroyed new oralines,and still they have no homes their.and to the gas prices they wont to make like they cant do something about the gas companys.I see a lot of deceatfulness .If the gas prices dont go way down there will be a lot of tourist sites hurting and also american people are hurting becouse of mexicans doing more then migrant work and born americans doing with jobs.They were only here for the farm jobs.But becouse they are here and not legale.We have lost this country and the american people cant even get the jobs in factors,carpentary,and restaurants they are here and need to be send back,and here for farm work as they were here for.

Brian P. of Black Oak writes:

the wet dry issue everybody is raising a fuss about it becoming a wet county but it is already a wet county because they let club red serve liquor and the eagles and moose lodge and vfw and al of the golf courses but thats okay right you see if there going to make it a dry county they need to go all the way and not have any exceptions to anyone

Sheila C. of Jonesboro writes:

For several years I have used an over the counter product for seasonal sinus flair-ups. This product, Sudafed 12-hour, is theoretically available at our local drug stores. The problem is that in many of these stores, it is shelved as small signs or hang tags that direct you to the pharmacy. This is apparently a reaction to the 'Meth Epademic'. The reality is that when you actually try to get this product from the pharmacy, they are 'out of stock'. What they can't/won't tell you is when they expect to get more in. Red Flag...they have no intentions of getting more of this item. I have tried several other OTC items and have never found any that have not made my symptoms worsen or that have worked for me as this product does. I feel certain that I am not the only person that would use this product for it's intended purpose because the company would not manufacture a product just for me, or at least not one that I could afford.

I have attempted to buy several packages when I have found it in stock which has been a very long time ago. There is however, a state law that limits the amount that can be sold in one purchase which prevents me from stocking up. It appears that anyone who would possibly want this product would have to be 'manufacturing meth'. The use of drugs, either OTC or controlled, is a choice and those wishing to abuse the use of drugs will find them somehow. It's unacceptable that I no longer have that choice and that the drug retailers are the ones that have taken that choice from me. Even the ability to purchase limited quantities would be better than the 'Non-choice' that has been imposed on me now.
So, what to do...?

Will I choose to do without or do without?...and yes, this is worded correctly.

Your help in exposing these 'out of stock' retailers would be greatly appreciated. I have not named them here, but will gladly provide that information.

Editorial Note: Even online drugstore retailers are dealing with new federal guidelines on over the counter medications, such as Sudafed-12, which contain pseudoephedrine, one of the primary components in cooking meth.  This disclaimer was seen on the site:

A new federal law was passed in March that places restrictions on purchases of products containing pseudoephedrine. It is now a violation of that law to purchase more than 7.5 grams of pseudoephedrine in a 30 day period through the mail., inc. is required by federal regulations to report suspicious purchases to the Drug Enforcement Agency.