Offbeat: Class Reunion

May 15, 2006--Posted at 9:45 a.m.  CDT

JONESBORO, AR-- The 2006 class reunion was just like all the rest for the Valley View class of 1951, that's because everyone in the class is still around and evey single one of them made the event.

Back in the day, Valley View was a very rural school and members of the class of  '51 say their work ethic and attitude are just some of the reasons they've all persevered for so long.

These grads, 55 years later, made a visit to the property that used to be Valley View, but now is a Valley View school campus, with multiple buildings.  Class members say they are extremely proud of what they and the school have accomplished over the years and know there is more to come.

The class of 51 is already planning for their 60th reunion and are confident that everyone will make until 2011.