Our Viewers' Feedback

We've been providing our comments on a variety of topics the past few months and this week we would like to share some feedback we have received from you.

On our first consider this we talked about our participation in the Arkansas Fitness Challenge and specifically the need for Arkansans to stop smoking to help save lives and decrease health care costs.

Staci from Walnut Ridge replied…

"I think that your remarks were very harsh and I don't smoke, never have, but lung cancer is not 100% caused from smoking. And I don't think Dana Reeves death has been reported that it was because from people smoking around her what if it was from the machines that helped keep her husband alive."

You know Staci… my father smoked until I was about 5 and fortunately for me he quit… Unfortunately he died from cancer when I was 22. So if I seem a little harsh it is only because I don't want someone to lose their father, mother, brother, sister, grandparent or friend to this deadly disease. There are many things that can cause cancer… but we know without a doubt that smoking leads the charge.

Fortunately our state representatives passed a law during the special session where businesses that employ three or more people cannot allow smoking in the workplace. Now they don't have to worry about developing cancer associated with the second hand smoke that they have to breathe all day. Sure, they could choose to work somewhere else… but that is not as simple as it sounds for many people.

And by the way… you're right… Dana's death may have been caused by something else… but it is pretty ironic that she never smoked yet died of lung cancer after many years of performing in smoked filled venues… That's about all the proof I need.

Darin from Trumann writes…

“I am a rice, soybean, wheat and corn farmer fromPoinsett County.  I would just like to commend you on your effort to portray farmers and our situations.  We are experiencing extremely difficult times as are many other businesses these days.  Our main differences are the amount of energy we use and the lack of control, of the price of our products.  Our government is quick to use our commodities as a means of controlling a situation internationally, but can't seem to gain any control, or show any concern, of our skyrocketing input costs.

I just want to THANK YOU!!, again for your comments and concern for not only American Agriculture, but more important Arkansas Agriculture."

We're on your side, Darin and all the other farmers. Good luck with this year's crops.

Regarding the convention center…

Jan from Jonesboro shared her thoughts… “I don't think Jonesboro needs such a monstrous building. There are plenty of hotels and motels in the town that are hardly ever completely full where people can stay. There are huge churches with large meeting rooms that could be used. There are plenty of places for people to stay in this town already and plenty of meeting rooms.”

Jan… thanks to Mr. Hammons pulling out of the convention center deal… you got your wish.

We received more feedback on the recent gasoline commentary than any we've done. There is no doubt that everyone is fed up with high gas prices.

Tim from Strawberry says: "Thanks so much for your 'consider this' segment on the high gas prices....It's going to take the media to keep the attention on this to ever have any kind of positive affect...Please stay after this problem...and please help put the weight on our local politicians, Lincoln, Berry, and others to help... I have called Marion Berry and Blanche Lincoln among others, and feel as though I have gotten nowhere...


And finally… from Bocephus… I don’t think that’s his real name… writing from Alton, Missouri … “Consider This is a stupid program, I guess KAIT is trying to be like the big stations, but it's really stupid. You people who live in Arkansas are just a bunch of backwards hicks that think they can tell people they modern, bull_____.”

Bocephus… first of all Hank Jr. would be disappointed with you using his name… and second… I'll let your comment speak for itself in regards to backwards hicks.

By the way… Our news director, Randy Parrot, is from Alton and he thinks he went to high school with you. Small world.

We appreciate your feedback and we'll share more comments in the coming months.

If you would you would like to read some of the comments not mentioned here just log onto our website at kait8.com and click on Consider This. Believe me… you'll enjoy it… it's pretty good reading…

Have a great week…