Summer Road Trip Tech'ed Up

May 16, 2006 – Posted at 3:49 p.m. CST
JONESBORO, AR -- Summer is almost here and that means piling into the mini van and heading out on the family road trip, but it’s not the same as it was 10 years ago.
“It's come a long way,” said Brandon Wheeler, sales associate for Circuit City, “Now you have your mobile video units and DVDs built in all your head units that play MP3's. It’s something that has become popular and more and more of your video units have navigation.”
No longer will your family end up lost in the middle of nowhere thanks to global positioning systems which direct you to any location around the world.
“Most units have voice controls so they will tell you when you need to turn. They are pretty much idiot proof,” said Wheeler.
Satellite radio solves the age old problem of not being able to get a signal while on the road.
“It's 100% commercial free radio, whether it is XM or Sirius, there is something for everyone,” said Wheeler.
One of the more popular ad-ons is TV screens that make your car an entertainment center away from home.
“We offer different kinds of fold downs, we offer headrest screens that have two different sources on them if you have two children and they want to watch different things or you want to put a video game system on one,” said Wheeler.
Having a DVD player in your car can be as cheap as a $200 investment, or go up as high as $2,000 when it includes a radio, GPS and DVD player.
“If you add satellite radio that is an extra $150, then fold down head rests screen, depending on how many screens, runs between $700 to $1000 dollars,” said Wheeler.
You can spend as much as $4,000 to make your mini van a mobile entertainment vehicle or mix and match to make your family trip a little less stressful.
Circuit City currently charges around $100 for installation but is currently putting in radios and fold down screens for free.