A Prayer for Recovery

Dr. Herman Strickland has been with Arkansas State University for nearly three decades. He's worked his way up through the years and is now Dean of the University College. However, that's not the only change he's experienced. Dr. Strickland says, "I had run from eight to ten miles per day five days a week, and then I started having some tightness in my chest, and I had gone to two different doctors, and they'd done test and found nothing."

However, on July 22nd 1991, while working out in the physical education building, Dr. Strickland suffered a massive heart attack. "I saw the burn marks where they actually had start my heart. That was after I recovered, and was looking around and I see these marks where they had to do it."

Facility manager Kevin Chambers was there that day and came in as the paramedics were working to save Dr. Strickland. He says, "A friend of mine and co-worker, seeing that his needs were being met there, said lets pray. So, we stepped aside and he lead us in a prayer for Herman's well-being."

Dr. Strickland says, "Why did it happen to a person who has run all over Jonesboro, and known by everybody as someone who is physically fit and then have a heart attack in the physical education building while working out, I don't know. It might have been to bring attention to the incident, and it did get a lot of attention, but it proves the Lord is still in charge and He still answers prayers."

Dr. Strickland underwent quadruple bypass surgery, and after a brief recovery. He was on his way back. Something he says was possible because of the power of prayer. "Not only did I survive the cardiac arrest, I came to almost normal. I had no mental disabilities, and I could come back into the weight room and start working out. So, I feel like it was due to the prayers of many people, not just my family who prayed for me constantly, but for the many people who prayed for me."