Building a New Animal Control Facility

May 17, 2006 -- Posted at 4:32 p.m. CDT


JOENSBORO, AR -- The city of Jonesboro is still grappling with the issue of a deteriorating animal control facility.


The council is now working with a construction manager to determine how much a new facility will cost.


Jonesboro's Animal Control Department has been in the same location since the 1930's, and in that time, the facilities have become worse and worse.


Now, the city of Jonesboro is looking to rebuild in another location.


Currently, city officials are trying to decide exactly what they need, and how much they can spend.


One of the primary problems:  they are simply running out of room.


“The amount of animals that we’re having come in and out… it can’t hold them.  We run out of room in a couple days,” said Jim Bowman, Jonesboro Director of Animal Control.


The current facility is out of date and very run-down.


“It’s getting to where it is beyond repair, so, that’s why the city is going to try to build this new one for us,” said Bowman.


“Right now, we’re entertaining proposals to enter into a construction management arrangement to design a new facility,” said Jonesboro City Council member Chris Moore.


Mayor Formon, Jonesboro City Council members, and those with Animal Control have visited other sites to get ideas.  Now that they know what type of facility they want to build, they are trying to make it happen.


“We’re trying to decide how much money we can spend, because, as you know, the city has other building needs,” said Moore.


This project is going to cost quite a bit to make a reality, but getting it completed is very important for the city.


“The top priority for the city of Jonesboro would be a new municipal building to house fire, police, and the 911.  But, I think this would be our second priority, which is quite high on the list,” said Moore.


After a planning meeting held Wednesday, the committee agreed on a maximum figure for the project.  Now, a design will be drawn up to accommodate what the city can spend.