Additional SEALECTION 500 Information

SEALECTIONTM 500 is an open cell semi-rigid spay-applied polyurethane foam insulation system which is made up of million of microscopic cells that simultaneously insulate and air-seal. It has been specifically designed to make homes more energy efficient, comfortable, quiet and less dusty.

SEALECTIONTM 500 is applied as a liquid which expands into a semi-rigid mass; it automatically " SEALS " off those drafty areas like baseboards, headers, sill plates, around windows, doors, electrical outlets, pipes, etc. It also minimizes uncontrolled air leakage throughout the building envelope (wall, ceilings,...) thereby reducing energy losses.


SEALECTIONTM 500 R-Value does not diminish over time.

SEALECTIONTM 500 cellular structure and monolithic surface (no joints or seams) make it ideal for energy conservation.

SEALECTIONTM 500 will maintain the same R-Value even at lowered temperatures.


• On-site customized installation – perfect fit every time – insulate and air seal the hard-to-reach areas

• Applied only by Authorized Contractors using Approved Applicators in accordance to the In SEAL- Right quality assurance program

• Applied with specialized equipment designed specifically for a two component urethane system

• Applied from the interior to open cavities

• Excellent adhesion on clean dry surfaces (no need for fasteners)

• Like all insulation SEALECTIONTM 500 must be protected by an approved thermal barrier from the interior and conform to the local building codes and regulations

• Depending upon the geographical location, a vapour barrier may be required on the warm side of the insulation