EnergySmart Guarantee

EnergySmart is a program developed in partnership by Demilec USA and Energy Wise Structures to offer home owners and builders energy efficiency levels higher than those specified in the Model Energy Code at an incomparable performance to cost ratio.

There are two keys to this program. The first is to have SEALECTIONTM 500 properly installed in residential and commercial construction to minimize energy consumption. The second is to correctly analyze the structure and match the mechanical system to the significantly reduced thermal load in order to optimize energy savings and to provide assurance regarding the system's ability to handle moisture and thereby give the owner control over the issue of molds and mildews.

Those who take part in the SEALECTIONTM 500 EnergySmart program will be issued a two year energy guarantee. Energy Wise Structures will monitor the energy use on a monthly basis during the guaranteed period. If the annual consumption level is above the guaranteed amount in either of the first two years, the difference will be rebated back to the owner.

For more information and details regarding the SEALECTIONTM 500 EnergySmart program, please contact Demilec USA.