Turning Copper into Gold in Marmaduke

May 18, 2006 -- Posted at 5:20 p.m. CDT


MARMADUKE, AR -- More than a month after tornados ripped through Marmaduke, we are finding that some small items left behind can be valuable.


“I was asked about the copper wire in my house.  Somebody came, took it, and had it recycled and got some money,” said tornado victim Chuck Long.


There are lots of people that are willing to come and help clean up.


“The guy wanted to know if he could get copper wire, and I said, ‘Sure, help yourself’, and he had done it in several houses.  He had gone around and gotten permission from several homeowners,” said Long.


People who want to help out in Marmaduke, and possibly collect items like copper wire and aluminum, must get permission from the Marmaduke Police Department.


Larry Hall of Hummelstein Recycling said they've been seeing a lot of things come in from Marmaduke.


“Any type of metal:  aluminum, steel… is recyclable, no matter what shape it’s in.


“I think it’s good for our environment that people are coming out and using some of this stuff in a good way.  Even though it is the destruction that we went through, they’re still making some good out of this stuff we have lying around,” said Long.


It's not just precious metals that can be recycled; lumber can be re-used as well.


“We’re having a lot of people who are recycling their lumber.  They’re going out and taking 2X4’s out of their house and using those in other projects.  We’re having a lot of people come out and get the trees that are down for firewood,” said Long.


So, even though many of the residents of Marmaduke have lost everything, they still have high hopes for the future.