Get Out and Vote!

Today [May 23] is the primary election in Arkansas... Voters will go to the polls to select sheriffs, judges, statewide officers, and many other elective positions...

Consider This:

The right to vote for the people who will make decisions on our behalf is a big deal. Unfortunately too few of us actually take this responsibility seriously. You hear it all the time... My vote doesn't matter... I really don't care about anyone who is running for office... I don't have time.

Last year the citizens of Iraq waited hours and hours for the opportunity to vote. They did that as their lives were threatened... as suicide bombers tried to create fear and cancel the vote. But the brave men and women of Iraq knew how important that one event was to the overall effort of democracy. Remember how proud they were to show the ink on their finger from voting? What an amazing visual representation of pride.

Here in America we seldom get half of the registered voters to even show up... rain can keep many away. I can't imagine what would happen if someone threatened our lives if we went to the polls.

There are elected officials representing you today who are doing a great job... Vote for them to continue.

There are also elected officials right now representing you who have forgotten you are their boss... they do not deserve your vote... so give someone else a chance to work for you.

So take the time to vote today [May 23]. It is your right... it is your responsibility. If you choose not to vote then you have no right to complain when your taxes are raised, when roads are not built, when zoning is changed, when liquor permits are granted, when smoking is banned, etcetera... etcetera...

If you choose not to vote... then don't complain if a decision doesn't go your way. I wonder how many people are upset about the war in Iraq who didn't take the time to vote in the last Presidential election. In fact, anytime we hear someone complaining let's ask them if they voted. If they are honest enough to tell us the truth and say "no" then let's walk away... By choosing not to vote they have lost their right to complain... and by voting... we have won the right not to listen.