Farmers Hope Petition Will Help Keep Them in Business

May 23, 2006--Posted at 6:00 pm CDT 

Craighead Co.--Farmers are hoping your help could help turn the tide for a bill sure to be vetoed by President Bush. The bill is called the 'Emergency Supplemental Spending Bill,' and includes funding for American Troops overseas as well as hurricane relief here in the United States. What the President doesn't agree with is adding a measure to the bill called 'Disaster Aid.' This money would be designated for farmers being affected by high gas prices and could potentially keep many struggling farmers in business through trying times.

'We (farmers) really need this bill.' Local farmer and Craighead Co. Farm Bureau President Kevin Hoke said. 'And the President has vowed to veto it.'

Hoke added that if nothing is done to help farmers an American Luxury could be lost. 'We're the breadbasket of the US and if we could lose the ability to completely feed ourselves.'

If you would like to help all you have to do it log on. Senators Lincoln and Pryor have added a petition to their websites in hope of changing the Presidents mind. The links are as follows.