Judicial Runoff Election

May 24, 2006 -- 7:15 PM

JONESBORO, AR -- Ray Spruell and Barbara Halsey have something in common now, they're the only two candidates competing for the circuit judge seat.

"We had worked really hard and it was a goal...a dream to try to avoid a runoff, so we were working diligently to that end," said Halsey.

The runoff is now underway, and Spruell is ready to compete.

"First thing we've gotta do is find out what I did right, and what I did wrong," he said.  "I mean as a politician you think...everything looks good...and you sit back afterwards and you say, 'that probably wasn't such a good idea.'"

Spruell came in second place and although K8 News was unable to get an interview with the other opponent, Alan Seagrave, Spruell commended Seagrave on his campaigning efforts.

"I have to apologize, I didn't think Alan would do as well as he did, and he gave me a run for the money.  I'm very fortunate to be in the runoff," said Spruell.

Halsey received 49 percent of the votes, and she said that she will continue to show her face in the community to get the support that is needed.

"Just shake those hands...and meet those people...hear what their concerns are," she said.

Both candidates were surprised by Tuesday night's votes, and it's still anyone's ball game at this point.  They both said that they're back at square one.

"Right now we're back at zero...we started all over again, said Spruell.  The score's tied at zero to zero...and here we go."

"Back at square one...perhaps with a little advantage," said Halsey.

The Nonpartisan Judicial Runoff Election will be November 7, and only time will tell to see who will come out on top.