Holiday Travelers Hit the Road for Holiday Weekend

May 27, 2006 -- 10:05 PM CDT

HARDY, AR -- It's the unofficial start of summer, and tourists are out in the town of Hardy, AR, getting a head start on their summer vacations.

"We're just taking it easy today.  We had a good breakfast and now we're just looking around at the shops," said Rick Jones of Fort Smith.

Keith Walters and his wife drove from West Memphis to relax for the weekend.

"We're just walking around and resting," he said.  "We both work and we're just taking time off."

Despite the high gas prices, travelers hit the road to take a load off.

"Gas prices affect everything now days, but you just go with it.  You bear don't go quite as don't make the long distance trips," said Jones.

He drove five hours from Fort Smith, and said that he won't be able to splurge because of the high prices.

"Every dollar you spend on gas is a little bit less you can spend here," he said.

Happy campers said that the outrageous fuel costs didn't put a stop to their fun either.

"It's terrible, but all you can do is pay them and get to have fun," said Donny Busby of Jonesboro.

Jones said that accepting the gas prices is the way to go.

"We go with the flow.  We drive around and try to find the best prices, and we go from there," he said.

Gas tanks are full and wallets are somewhat empty, but the fun in the sun still continues during Memorial Day weekend.