Pre-Memorial Day Observance

May 28, 2006 -- 6:00 PM

BONO, AR -- Trinity Cemetery in Bono held its annual memorial homecoming celebration for all of the veterans who are buried there.

"I come every year," said Lynn Garrett of Franklin, TN.  "It takes me six to eight hours to get here, but I think it's great that they do this."

Call it an act of patriotism, as people from all over gathered to pay their respects to America's heroes.

"It's a great turnout, said Judge Larry Boling.  "It's a beautiful day for the memorial service.  Trinity Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Craighead County," he added.

Judge Boling, who's also a veteran, presided as guest speaker at the ceremony.  He stressed the importance of honoring those who have served in service.

"Since 1776, there have been 48 million Americans that have served in the armed forces," he said.  "Since 1776, there's been more than one million Americans who have died and given their full measure of devotion."

Boling said that all Americans should observe Memorial Day, and was pleased with the turn out.

"It means that people are still interested in the services that the veterans have provided," he said.

Garrett was pleased as well, that so many people came to pay their respects.

"I'm a very patriotic person, and these people also are showing their patriotism, and I think that's great for our country," she said.

The ceremony gave her a chance to express her loyalty to the country she loves most.

"It's great to be an American."