Memorial Day Bargains

May 29, 2006 -- 6:15 PM CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- While Memorial Day is a time to remember America's fallen soliders, it's also a time when many people choose to shop until they drop.

"We're just coming to do a little see who's see the sales, things like that," said Felicia Long of Jonesboro.

Long said that she had family in town from Indiana, IN, and she wanted to show them the new Mall at Turtle Creek.

Allison Walters of Blytheville said that Monday was a great day for her to shop for her honeymoon.

"Brought my grandma out to get her some clothes...I'm getting married next weekend," she said.

Sale signs were posted throughout the mall for Memorial Day, and shoppers said they wanted the bargains to get more for their money.

"Some pretty good sales...but nothing that we were particularly looking know, just coming out to have a good time," said Long.

There were 50 percent off, buy one get one free, clearance, summer, and red hot sales; but this was also a time for shoppers to get a little rest and relaxation as well.

"Just here work...enjoying it," said Walters.

"Just kind of getting a breath of fresh air," said Long.

She took a breather in the cool air before she hit the grill in the hot sun.

"At 2 o' clock, we're going to barbeque.  We've got all the family in, so right now we're just kind of taking a little break, and that's what we'll be doing later on," she said.

There were several options to choose from to celebrate Memorial Day, and shopping was one of them.