Pool Safety 101

May 30, 2006 -- 5:10 PM CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- The hot and humid weather may tempt anyone to go out to the pool to cool off, and following the safety rules are just as important.

"A lot of times people walk into a pool, and you don't really think about the rules," said Steven Ccrocker, Lifeguard at Earl Bell Community Center.

Crocker has been a lifeguard for two years, and he said that safety comes first.

"No running around the pool, because you can easily slip...bust your head, knock you out...you can fall in the water," he said.

He said it's important to follow the rules, because the smallest thing can go wrong and someone can get hurt quickly.

"When you're on the diving board, try to stay out of people's way when you're jumping," said Crocker.

"I don't jump in because if the water's too deep, I'll maybe drown, because I don't really know how to swim...so I just stay in three, four and five feet," said Shanequa Anderson.

Crocker also warned that parents and children should be extra cautious when using the slide to hit the water.

"Little kids...they love to slide and stuff, and a lot of them don't realize that the water's deeper there than it is in the other parts of the pool.  When they go off...all of a sudden they go down and they can't touch...and they panic," he said

Not only were lifeguards out surrounding the pool, but parents were too. Melissa Hakenewerth and her children were at the pool cooling off Tuesday.

"We don't come unless we know the rules," she said. Hakenewerth said that she always reinforces the safety rules to her children before they come out to the pool.

"When you get to the pool...no running, no fighting...nothing, don't do anything that will get anyone in trouble, and we'll have a good day," she said.

The hot and humid days will be sticking around in Region 8, and pool safety should come to mind before taking a swim.