Cancer Survivors Celebrate Life

June 4, 2006 -- 7:40 PM CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Lana Fae Stephens has had cancer for about four years, and Sunday she shared her story with other survivors at St. Bernard's National Cancer Survivors Day Celebration.

"I think this is the most fantastic thing there is," she said.  "I just love it because we're getting to see our brothers and sisters of cancer."

The NEA Clinic also hosted a day of celebration for cancer survivors to exchange stories.

Robert Dukes was diagnosed with lung cancer three years ago.  He said that meeting other survivors has helped him get through it.

"It always helps to find out what everybody else's got," he said.  "A lot of time's you'll find out that everybody else's got something worse than what you've got."

Stephens said that she loves to meet other survivors who share her experience.

"We realize that we're not the only one...that there's a bunch of us out there, and when we get together like this it's just like a big family reunion."

She wants people to know that having cancer is not the end of the road.

"I try to live by not worrying about the what if's, but what is," she said.

Survivors everywhere celebrated their lives, and Dukes said that he will continue to live each day like it is his last.

"It's one of the worst nightmares you can live with, but through prayer, and through being around other people, you learn to live with it."