Rules and Regulations for Gardeners

June 6, 2006 -- 5:00 PM CT

JONESBORO, AR -- Some people get the green thumb when spring hits, and those who own homes in a Jonesboro must follow the rules when it comes to what they can grow in their yards.

"When people purchase homes, a home out here, they receive a bill of assurance," said Steph Norris of Sage Meadows Property Owners Association.  "That's kind of their rules and regulations that they have to abide by," she said.

So what are the rules?

"You have to have zoysia grass if you live on Sage Meadows Boulevard, which was the initial area when Sage Meadows was built," said Norris.

The rules change a little for those houses throughout the community that are not on Sage Meadows Boulevard.  "You can have bermuda or zoysia grass in the front yards of those houses," said Norris.  "On the boulevard, you have to have zoysia in the front yard, and you can have bermuda or zoysia in the back yard."

When it comes to gardening, Norris said there are certain things that residents can and cannot do.

"No, absolutely no gardening on the front yard.  No."

Gardening is not forbidden in the Sage Meadows community.  Homeowners must abide by certain rules and regulations.  For instance, if they want to garden, they must have a 6 foot wooden privacy fence surrounding their back yards.

"You can't have a privacy fence on the golf course," said Norris.  "Therefore you can't garden if your house is on the course."

Norris ensures that the rules are enforced, and she hasn't had any complaints.

"People are very proud to live here and they like our rules," she said.  "They don't think they're too strict."

The rules make sense to residents in the 400-home community, and Norris wants to keep it that way.