Chamber Adds 279 New Members

June 6, 2006 -- Posted at 10:10 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- The Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce is celebrating a major victory! After days of hard work and perseverance, victory is at hand.

"I've not seen this much enthusiasm in a while. We've had some great parties, but this was absolutely crazy. Watching all these people having this much fun... and how close the numbers were... it was a lot of fun," said Jimmy Cusano, Vice President of Your Chamber Connection.

"From the word 'go' it's been phenomenal. It's all the bonding and camaraderie, and the way this thing was planned and sold for us to participate in," said chamber member Scotty Hickson.

The event involved a lot of volunteers.

"They are wonderful. A lot of them came out of their shell and they met new people. In a room of 100 volunteers, they met new people," said Mandy Cook, Membership Director at the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce.

"It's important because it brings people together. It brings business leaders together who have a common goal to build the chamber together," said Cusano.

Thanks to the volunteers in this membership drive, the building has already started.

"We thought going in, getting 200 new members would be nice because the chamber already had such a big membership. 279 new members is outstanding," said Cusano.

"We weren't supposed to be able to do that because we already have 45% of the businesses in Jonesboro are members of the chamber. We shouldn't have gotten that. We should have got like 200, but we got 279. That's absolutely amazing," said Hickson.

Almost the entire chamber was involved in this event.

"I love the chamber. I love the staff. The staff up here is absolutely top notch. I'll do anything the chamber asks and a lot of the members are the exact same way, because this chamber staff is absolutely phenomenal," said Hickson.

After it was all over, one of those hard working chamber members got a special gift from a few of the winning team members... a new hair color.

In all a total of $62,633 was raised for the chamber thanks to this event.

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