Construction Project Running on Schedule

June 9, 2006 -- 4:30 PM CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Road constuction is hot and heavy on Fox Meadow Lane now that school is out.

"We waited until school was out to keep being so disruptive to the school traffic," said Claude Martin, City Engineer.  "We're working diligently right now to get as much done before school starts."

Everything seems to be going according to plan.

"Construction actually started last fall in the clearing and grubbing phase, which is removing trees and getting the existing area ready to widen and pave," said Martin.

The two-lane road on Fox Meadow Lane will soon expand to three lanes, but contractors ran into a tiny problem Friday when they were out working.

Around 10 a.m. while contractors were digging, they hit a plastic water line that they initially thought was out of the way.  What they're hoping to do now is realign the ditch to move it away from the water line.  Martin said that everything will be good-to-go on Monday.

"It's nothing major," he said.  "This is something you hope never happens, but it's not something out of the ordinary.  It happenes when you're trying to work with existing stuff like this."

Martin said that the project will be finished before winter, and traffic will flow more smoothly than before.