"Haunting Evidence" in the Amanda Tusing Case

June 14, 2006 -- Posted at 6:06 p.m. CDT

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR -- On June 14th, 2000, 20-year-old Amanda "Mandy" Tusing disappeared. She had been driving home from her fiancée's house late that night, and when she never called to let him know she made it home all right, he got worried.

Tusing's car was found abandoned on Highway 18. Her body was found four days later in the Big Bay Ditch.

Now, six years later, Tusing's death is still unsolved. Because of the mysterious circumstances surrounding the homicide, Court TV has done an episode of their program Haunting Evidence about the case.

Tusing's parents, Ed and Susan Tusing, as well as Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann and Craighead County Investigator Gary Etter participated in the program.

The program was filmed this past March, and is aimed at helping solve this unsolved case.

"We don't have much evidence at all on this, and the name of the program is called Haunting Evidence. We're hoping something will come about on this," said Gary Etter.

Susan Tusing says she wants people to remember what happened to her daughter.

"That's my one hope, that whoever killed her won't have the opportunity to kill someone else. I hope and pray they haven't killed anyone," said Susan Tusing.

Etter says women are more careful now because of Tusing's death.

"They lock their cars. They're really cautious of strangers and they always pull into a lighted place now," said Etter.

The program features three physic detectives who try to explain what happened on that fateful night.

"I'm hoping that someone will come forward and say, 'I know who did it,'" said Etter.

Homicide has a statute of limitations. Another problem officials are facing is fading memories and disappearing evidence.

"Most of your homicides are solved within a few weeks or months, but this is six years. It really hinders us on this investigation," said Etter.

For Tusing's family, it's the continued attention to the case that means the most.

"Most places probably would have stopped working on a case, but they have continued everyday," said Susan Tusing.

The Craighead County Sheriff's Department continually receives tips about this case, but none have led to anything substantial.

"I want justice for Mandy. I want to know who did it, and I want them to pay. It's not right that they're living their life and walking around everyday," said Susan Tusing.

For more information about Haunting Evidence log onto the Court TV website.