Changes Are Made to the Southern Baptist Convention

JUNE 15, 2006 -- POSTED AT 9:30 P.M. CDT  

JONESBORO, AR -- Southern Baptist churches are a common sight to see.

"There are probably 150 churches in the KAIT viewing area that are Southern Baptist, maybe more," says Stan Ballard, the pastor at Nettleton Baptist Church in Jonesboro.

Leaders of the nation's largest protestant denomination met this week and made some strong decisions. The most notable being a proposal to pull Southern Baptist children from public schools.

"The ones who feel so strongly about us pulling out want us to because of the secular teachings and anti-biblical teaching that exists today in our public schools, such as emphasis on homosexuality and evolution," says Ballard.

Although the original version of the resolution to pull Southern Baptist children out of the public schools did not pass, they did vote to encourage their members to become a large part of their school systems.

The public schools issue seems to be the most talked about vote made at the convention, but there were many other resolutions that were passed by the convention. One dealt with alcohol use in America.

"Trustees and employees are encouraged not to use alcohol, because we believe it sets a bad example," says Ballard.

Another vote tackled the issue of illegal immigration.

"Southern Baptists did pass a resolution on illegal immigration encouraging our government to enforce tighter controls on the border," says Ballard.

Though Ballard did add that even though they don't want immigrants to be in the country illegally, if they're here in the U.S., they will continue to spread their spiritual message.

15 other resolutions were passed at the convention as well, which was held in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Link to Southern Baptist Convention Resolutions: