Are Conditions Too Dry for Farmers?

June 16, 2006 -- Posted at 4:28 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- As the hot summer sun bears down, crops in Region 8 are drying out.

"Beans are far enough along, cotton's far enough along, of course, corn and rice are going to get water anyway, but we're a lot better off this year than we were last year," said farmer Brett Provost.

Provost says being dry doesn't always spell disaster for some crops.

"My grandmother's saying is if it's a dry June, cotton is going to do good. I'll argue with her at times, but she's right," said Provost.

Other crops like corn, rice, and soy beans need the water.

"It's been like every year. You have your wet and your dry cycles. Last year we were dry in May and this year we're dry in June," said Provost.

Because of the dry conditions, farmers have been irrigating more often, but Provost says nothing is better from crops than a good strong rainfall.

"Everybody that has capabilities of irrigating cotton, soy beans and rice is doing a good job of it, but nothing is going to water it like a good rain," said Provost.

Lucky for farmers, rainfall is expected.

"We are expecting a rain and it's put a pep in a lot of farmer's steps. I know the two men that rent land from our family, they're going to put faith in rain," said Provost.

Even if rain doesn't come, farmers should still be all right, at least for a little while.