Missouri Primary Election Will See Change in August

JUNE 16, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:30 P.M. CDT  

KENNETT, MO -- Southeast Missouri's primary election ballots will have a change in August. Pat Allen will be the first ever female African-American to run for state representative in her district.

"When it comes to history, it's something they shouldn't be afraid of. Change is good, and it's on the way," says Pat Allen, a democratic candidate for the 163rd district in Missouri.

Allen is running for the 163rd District, as a Democrat for Missouri's House of Representatives. That district includes Dunklin, Butler, and Stoddard counties, all in the bootheel of Missouri. Allen says she's proud to be the first to make the change, but it's something she feels is long over due.

"I don't believe in us remaining stagnant, but it's time for us to change and to grow and it's time for us Missouri, especially southern part, the bootheel of Missouri to move into the year 2000," says Allen.

Allen says she hopes to give her own community a chance to be heard and she feels because of her background, she's the best person for the job.

"I am African-American. I am proud of that just as anyone should be proud of who they are and I am going to use that because of the fact that I come from where most people come from. I understand that fight and understand that battle, and also do believe in change," says Allen.

Allen says she realizes that her race and gender will play a part in her campaign, but she says that's not her focus. Her campaign slogan says it best. She wants to be the voice representing all people," says Allen.

"I have the Latino population, I have the African American population, I have the Caucasian population and this is where my support and my backing come from. So although I'm African American, those are the ones. All of those play an entical part in sending me to Jefferson City to represent them," says Allen.

Missouri will hold its primary election on August 8th.