Storms Cause Damage in Poinsett County

June 17, 2006 -- Posted at 3:44 p.m. CDT

POINSETT COUNTY, AR -- A storm that blew through part of Region 8 Friday night caused quite a commotion for some Poinsett County residents.

The destruction was confined to a small area right at the Poinsett County - Craighead County line.

Farley's Fish Farm received substantial damage.

"There were two gusts of it. The first one was pretty bad, but the second one really took things out," said Larry Farley, owner of Farley's Fish Farm.

Farley arrived at his fish farm right before the storms hit Friday night.

"I believe it had some tornado activity in it because it blew some 2x4's in the top of a building on the back side there. Straight line winds... I don't think would have done that," said Farley.

The fish farm can't survive without electricity, and the wall containing all the electrical boxes was hit by the storm.

"We had all our generators running to keep our fish alive. We had to have water or we would have lost our fish," said Farley.

AP&L arrived late Friday night, restoring power to the damaged fish farm.

"There's probably about $50,000 worth of damage to our buildings," said Farley.

Other homes in the area were damaged as well.

David Henson was in Lorado, Texas when the storm hit. He recently completed construction on a shop for he tools and vehicles... that shop was completely destroyed.

"They say it was two tornados back to back. Some people say straight winds, but from the looks of my building and trees and everything, to me, it looks more like a tornado," said Henson.