A Different Kind of Father's Day

June 18, 2006 -- 9:30 PM

JONESBORO, AR -- Some Region 8 dads celebrated Father's Day in a unique way by going to a Dad Fest car show at Central Baptist Church.

This was no ordinary car show, and Pastor Archie Mason said that the church was looking for a way to step outside the box.

"You're always looking for some creative things to do on special days of the year," he said.

Mason was thrilled that so many people in the community showed up for Dad Fest.

"It shows the community may be interested in spiritual things," he said.  "We just want people to know that Central Baptist Church is just a church that believes in God and teaches His word.  We love people and people are responding in that way today," he said.

The church's parking lot was full of antique cars, motorcycles and most importantly...dad's.

Robin Youngman of Jonesboro said that Dad Fest was a great opportunity to fellowship with members and non-members.

"It's just a great outreach to get people in church that might not necessarily come," he said.

It's not everyday monster trucks burn rubber on the church parking lot, and Pastor Mason didn't have any complaints.

"It is kind of a creative, unique way for us to share the good news of Jesus, and then to just administer to the community," said Mason.

He also wanted to show that Christians know how to have a good time too.

"That's right...church people can have fun...you know.  You can have fun in Jesus Christ."