Offbeat: Shaker Collector

June 19, 2005--Posted at 8:15 a.m.  CDT

BATESVILLE, AR--Goerge Davis has more salt and pepper shakers than anybody in the world.  In fact, Davis is the Guiness Book of Records.  He set the record back in 2002 with 2,202 but has added quit a few since that time.  George and his wife Barbara now have 5,000 sets of salt and pepper shakers and a no two sets are the same.

George and Barbara started collecting shakers back in 1999, that's when he bought a set for his niece, but decided they were too pretty to give to her and started his own collection.  He and Barbara hit the flea markets and yard sales all over in search of their next find.  When they find it, they look it up in one of a dozen refence books on shakers and catalogue them accordingly.

The collection fills up a room off the kitchen and has spilled over into the breakfast room.  George says he probably never quit collecting shakers, but will slow down, because if he doesn't the shakers will eventually run him out of the house.

George is now building some new shelves for his workshop, so he can move the entire collection out there.