Fort Campbell Soldier has Hand in the Raid on Zarqawi

July 20, 2006 Posted at 1:30 CST

Walnut Ridge, AR - Sheila Bonvilline shared with us the story of how her son was involved in something America should be proud of.

"He called home that Saturday and said 'Mom that's one down, a big one down!' You could hear the excitement. There is a lot of stuff he can't tell me because of security but he told me about what he found. After the raid on Zarqawi, my son was on security patrol and found a substantial amount of Zarqawi's nasty money if you want to call it that."

Approximately $55,000 worth of nasty money. Sgt. John Larkin with the 101st Airborne Division from Ft. Campbell found the large amount of money and did what any honorable soldier would have done...he turned it in.

"He was just helping in the clean-up and saw a piece of strange material. When he looked closer at it, he saw it was a stack of Euros. He didn't even think about keeping it, that's just not Johnny...he wouldn't do that. He said "Mom I was just doing my job."

A job that we are all thankful for. Sgt. Larkin stands for what we believe to be the model American soldier, honor and integrity.