More Industry Moving In?

June 20, 2006 -- Posted at 4:55 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Property owners are trying to get a piece of property at the corner of Highland Drive and Barnhill Road rezoned from residential to industrial.

This has area residents concerned about what this will mean for the future of their property.

"My concern is that the land across the street is going to be rezoned for industrial purposes where they're going to put a plant which would ruin the property value," said property owner Mette McKinney.

City Water and Light manager Ron Bowen said that they're in talks with a start up company who is interested in purchasing 20 acres of property with an option for another 20 acres.

"They were interested in getting that zoning complete, so we're pursuing getting that zoned industrial, as is consistent with the rest of the park," said Ron Bowen.

City Water and Light owns about 200 acres at the corner of Highland Drive and Barnhill Road, and only about 40 of those acres are actually in question, and those 40 acres are right across the street from these homes.

So far, one meeting has been held about this issue, one that many of the residents were able to attend.

"If we don't show our concerns, we couldn't come back afterwards and complain or be unhappy about the decisions that have been made," said McKinney.

Bowen said the deal hasn't been sealed yet, and would rather not comment on the type of facility that will be built. However, Bowen says the company would employ about 30 people.

"If it was a small granger plant or something commercial, we could live with that," said McKinney.

"If they would just put in some type of business in our neighborhood here that doesn't employ a lot of people, doesn't cause a lot of problems, and doesn't have big trucks coming and going, we could live with that," said property owner Larry George.

The proposal has been approved by Jonesboro's Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, now it will go before the city council for a vote.

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