Joyce and Anthony Coleman's Family Room

Joyce & Anthony Coleman - Jonesboro

Why we Need a New Family Room:

  1. We purchased our home 2 years ago and would like to fix it up to entertain- the home itself is only 6 years old
  2. We have had our living room furniture (couch), entertainment center, curio, and area rug since 1995. I had it in my first marriage dating '95-98 and kept it through the divorce and now my current marriage. I have taken good care of what I own because it is all I have had and at this point all we can afford considering I recently battled breast cancer and priortized paying medical expenses
  3. We don't own a coffee table or end tables and none of the pieces we do have match
  4. My husband was wanting a chair just for himself for reading and relaxing after work and we don't have room with the outdated sectional to add anything else to the room
  5. The color of the sectional is dark green and we can't do much in bringing light and a fresh look to the room
  6. My husband is a youth pastor and desires to have youth gatherings at the house for movie night or rap sessions, and there isn't room and the flow of the room doesn't work well for entertaining a large group especially not having a DVD player or VCR in the living room
  7. The television we now own was given to us second hand. The picture tube takes about a minute to get adjusted to focus
  8. We want something to represent who we are and feel comfortable in our precious home