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Royal,AR (AP)

Teen Dies After Being Exposed to Electricity Current

 June 25,2006- Posted at 12:35 p.m. CST

 ROYAL, AR -  Authorities say a 14-year-old boy died at the Brady Mountain Resort on Lake Ouachita, where he was exposed to electricity while in the water.

    Authorities identified the boy as Jessie Fortner of Saline County.

    Garland County Sheriff Judy Daniell says said Fortner and a friend were swimming near a houseboat dock about 12:30 p.m.Saturday when both came in contact with an electric current. A man on the scene jumped into the water in an effort to save the boy, but was knocked unconscious.

    The other youth was taken to St. Joseph's Medical Center.Daniell says the boy is expected to be released today. Brady Mountain Resort manager Ned Bass says a boat owner was using an ungrounded electrical cord and the electricity apparently found its way to a ladder leading into the water.

    Officials weren't able to say whether Fortner drowned or died from electrocution.

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