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Consider This - June 26, 2006

Viewers' Feedback - Highway Safety Laws

A few week's ago we discussed several topics pertaining to cycling... pedal powered and motorized.

We received tons of feedback from our viewers and if you shared your comments we appreciate you taking the time to write. It was very interesting to see how people hear things differently based on their point of view.

To bring you up to speed... We shared some information on a couple of educational campaigns currently underway and offered some facts about motorcycle accidents. We also asked whether or not Arkansas and Missouri should have a helmet law. At no point did we say we thought Arkansas should have a helmet law... or that Missouri should not. Again, people hear what they want to hear.

So let's get to your comments.

Here's some feedback from Brian of Jonesboro... "I was talking to a guy some months ago about helmets. He told me that he kept one for trips that would carry him through states that had helmet laws without getting a ticket. I thought to myself, he would put on a helmet to keep from getting a $100 ticket but wouldn't do it to save his own life in a state with no helmet law. To me that implies the gentleman doesn't value his life to be worth more than....$100?"

Mark from Jonesboro, a motorcycle rider, writes - "Yes, Arkansas should have a helmet law.  For every reason that we have a seatbelt law, Arkansas should have a helmet law." He goes on to say... "I had only one minor accident, but during that slow-motion, watch-your-life-pass-before-your-eyes moment that I was sliding across the pavement, my head did tap the asphalt once.  I was unscathed, but the outcome could have been a lot different.  Not only did the helmet save my head, a jacket saved the skin on my arm, and heavy jeans saved the skin on my leg."

Dale from Jonesboro says, "I believe that the government needs to stay out of everyone's personal business, they interfere enough as it is."

Another comment from Jonesboro, this time from Michael, "I wear a helmet when I ride my motorcycle. But, it is my belief that it is entirely up to the rider of a motorcycle as to whether or not they wear a helmet. There is no significant proof that a helmet protects the motorcycle rider in a crash."

Clem from Jonesboro shared a unique perspective, "I cannot see when I wear a helmet and I do not wear one for that reason. I think MO
should repeal the law because of the lost revenue. I know for a fact that 3 big rallies were cancelled because of the helmet law which cost the state thousands and thousands of dollars in revenue."

Kaci said... "If its a law to wear a seat beat in a car it should be a law to wear a helmet on a motorcycle....not only should it be a law...bikers should want to wear them.... I understand the reason behind "Look Twice Save a Life" but I also understand that motorcyclists should take steps toward saving their own lives."

Myron from Harrisburg was not happy with us... "I am very upset that you have chosen to leap onto the Look Twice campaign and attempt to turn it into a helmet law campaign. In all future expressions of your opinions about helmets leave any references to Look Twice out of it."

Myron... in our eyes they were two separate topics. However, we were discussing safety in general and both topics address safety issues.

By the way, the two education campaigns currently underway in Arkansas, Look Twice... Save a Life and Share the Road continue to gain momentum. In fact, there is a push by Bicycle Advocates in Arkansas to have Share the Road license plates added to the list of customized choices in the state.

In Arkansas it is a rider's choice whether or not they want to wear a helmet... In fact we have several people who work at KAIT who are active motorcycle riders and most of them choose not to wear a helmet. We just hope and pray that if you choose to ride without a helmet that you are not involved in an accident involving head related injuries.

As I said when we began this segment...we got lots of pro and con responses on the topic... check them out at our out at our website... and while you're there... give us your feedback... by clicking on Consider This... or give us a call at 870-336-1899.

Hope you have a great week.

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