Could Smelly Dump Trucks Have a New Home in Downtown Jonesboro?

JUNE 27, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:00 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- The City of Jonesboro is faced with a dilemma. They need to relocate their Streets and Sanitation Department, but dump trucks aren't really something that's exactly welcome in most areas.

"The committee actually looked at 5 various locations for the public works facility. The recommendation was for the Meadow Construction, however consideration is being done on the Best location," says Otis Spriggs, Jonesboro's City Planning Director.

The city is currently leasing the Best Building on the corner of Flint and Burke, but it's the future plans for the building that have some concerned. Steve Golden is the President of the Downtown Jonesboro Association, a group that has played a key part in the improvements made to downtown.

"A lot of capital has been put into the downtown area. We've got a lot of new stores and new restaurants that are opening up," says Steve Golden, President of the Downtown Jonesboro Association.

So what exactly are they requesting?

"If they buy that property, that they not locate those trash trucks in that area and not use Downtown Jonesboro as a way for those trucks to get out to the areas that they service," says Golden.

One council member did mention that if the city doesn't buy the Best property, that someone else could, leaving them even more concerned about downtown. But Golden says they don't mind if the city buys the building, they just don't want it to disturb downtown's current and future renovations.

"I'm not exactly sure what could get much worse than having trash trucks coming down the center of downtown to get in and out. Going out and then coming back in, that's twice a day we could have that coming through," says Golden.

Golden says the city has been extremely helpful through the renovation process. They even donated the funding for things downtown, such as a fish pond located on Main Street. He says they mainly just want that good working relationship to continue and not have things create steps in the wrong direction for Downtown Jonesboro.

City officials did mention that the likelihood of the dump trucks actually being kept at the Best Building downtown is fairly low. They said they understand the downtown merchants concerns and will continue to consider other areas.