Superman Returns

June 28, 2006-- Posted at 2:45 pm

JONESBORO, AR--  It's the first movie for the man of steel in 20 years.

Superman's latest big screen adaptation brings together a cast of familiar faces and a new face in the movie's staring role.

Not to mention director Bryan Singer, who's already had success in bringing a comic book to life with the first two x-men movies.

And like the Christopher Reeve films... You'll believe a man can fly.

For years... Many people have idolized Superman... His heroism... His rush to save the day.

And though the story of a modern day Superman has us all rushing to the theatres, it was comics that gave Superman life.

"He was imagined in 1933 and first printed in 1939 by the national periodicals: action comics #1 which you couldn't purchase, you could only get through laundry detergent. You bought laundry detergent, you got a comic book," Owner of Galaxy Comics Destry Mason says.

Mason says a lot of people think that superman is a normal human being much like Clark Kent with superpowers but actually...

"He is an alien form the planet krypton that was sent to this planet as a child. He was raised by normal humans... He spends most of his days in the alias of Clark Kent," Mason says.

Fans admire the sensitivity of a strong character that doesn't believe in taking life but preserving it... An unknown man who takes no credit for his power...

Much like Brando Routh, the new Superman... An unknown actor who will be thrown into stardom.

"Nobody knows anything about Brandon Routh which is perfect because it matches Christopher Reeve... Nobody knew anything about Christopher Reeve when he became Superman," Mason says.

It's the mystery of a talent and the legendary story of Superman, that lovers of comic books say will be a hit at the box office. Though, it doesn't equal the years Superman has graced the paperbacks.

"In books you're given unlimited amount of time for Superman... It's almost 76 years that you've been able to see the stories of superman or imagine the stories of Superman," Mason says.

Whether it's comic books or the big screen, the story of Superman will live on for ages... And as the doors to the theatres open... The real life superman returns.

Two people from the original t-v series are making appearances in the movie... The original Lois Lane and the original Jimmy Olsen.