Eastside Baptist Church Celebrates Freedom

June 28, 2006-- Posted at 11:30 pm

JONESBORO-- To celebrate the Fourth of July, it was a patriotic performance tonight in Paragould... K-8 news was there as Eastside Baptist Church made a tribute to our troops.

It was musical affair as Eastside Baptist Church came together to Celebrate Freedom.

"It's a great opportunity to show our patriotism and thank the Lord for our freedom that we have here in America and worship and do all the things that we do," Eastside Pastor Greg Addison says.

But this performance included more than just the congregation itself, nearly 150 participants worked several months to prepare an honorary portrayal of our service men and women.

"It represents the future and the past and the present of the folks that have served our country and what they mean to us," Stage Manager Keith Morris says.

Accompanied by a 21 piece orchestra, children and adults shared patriotic stories they hope will touch the lives of the audience.

And show their pride for our country...

"God can use any of us to put together something like this where people can remember what these folks can go through," Morris says.

"We hope that it is a testimony to our community of how much we love being Americans and we're thankful to how God has blessed our country," Addison says.

If you'd like to catch Eastside's performance of Celebrate Freedom, there's still time... They'll have shows starting at 7 pm tomorrow and Friday.