Missing Boy Found

June 29, 2006-- Posted at 11:00 pm

WALNUT RIDGE-- It was a happy ending in the search for a missing boy from Lafe, in Greene County.

Authorities say tweleve-year-old Blake Ganble took his mother's car around 12:45 this morning, and when he was approached by police, he ran.

Authorities spent most of the day with certified bloodhounds searching 6 miles of land.

"The guys that were on duty at the police department and fire department, last night we got about an hour of sleep so we've been up probably about 40 hours now... We've searched for 15 hours non stop looking for him," Firefighter EMT Chris Thatcher says.

After hours of searching with no leads, it was a tearful reunion as the child was picked up by an ambulance driver on Highway 91, just off 63, coming into Walnut Ridge.

The Ganble family says they're not only thankful their child is safe, but they're grateful for the dedication of the search team.

"They haven't gave up. I don't know if they've eaten or anything. They've been really good," Ganble says.

With the child reunited with his family after a tireless search, it seems, everyone will sleep easier.

"It's hard on all of us. We care about kids. This is not just a job, it's somebody's child. That's why we stayed out here so long," Thatcher says.

The child's family says they're not sure why he left home.